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Restalls of Bisley: Charting the Restall Family History

The Earliest Bisley Restalls

The earliest record1 we have is that for the burial of Richard 9 April 1550 whose will informs us:

Wife Margyt
Sons William, James and Henry.
Two daughters, one married to Thomas Hues/Hughes and Agnes, a spinster at the time the will was drawn up. Grandson Edward son of Henry.

What follows is pure conjecture
Issue of William
1563 Edward bp
1567 John bp
1575 Grace bp

All we can deduce about the issue of the other two brothers is James’ daughter Elenor bp1567 and Henry’s son Edward pre 1554.

We cannot identify the descent of Edward at this time but know he married Joan Townshin in 1552
1554 Grace bp
1555 William and John bp
1558 Alice bp
1558 Elizabeth bp at the same time as her sister, Married Thomas Bishop in 1583. and had at least one child, Edward, named in the will.
1560 Walter bp
1560 Elinor bp at the same time as her brother
1564 Henrie bp
Edward’s will 1597 names William bp 1555, Thomas whose bp does not appear in the register (unless the bp entry 1567 naming Thomas as the father of Thomas is a mistake), John bp 1555,
Henry bp 1564 and Walter bp 1560.
Wife Jane
Jane and Margerie are not recorded, leaving Alice bp1558

The next recorded marriage of a male Restall is that of William to Thomason Walkley in 1598. William could have been the son of Edward bp 1555 but that would make him 43 which is late, and of course we have no age for Thomason.

Possible issue
1601 Issac bp
1603 Sarah bp
John = Eleanor Whyte in 1603 is even more problematical for he appears to be a twin brother of William, both bp 1555, giving an age of 46, if indeed it is the same John.More likely the son of Willliam bp 1567 making him 36 at marriage, There is no record of any issue from this marriage in Bisley.

Neither can we identify the Henrie Restall who married Tacie Fowler in 1617, or Sarah Restall = William Wylie in 1621.

It has been suggested that the Walter Restall who married Margaret Hancox in 1640 was the son of Henry bp 1564 and indeed he well might have been, but who was Henry married to? Issue of Henry about this time start in 1593 with the baptism of Edward, followed by Nicholas 1595 and an unnamed son in 1597, stillborn perhaps. Then Walter bp 1601, Elizabeth and Alice in 1606 who died shortly after, Joan bp 1608, 1614 Henry, Elizabeth bp 1617 and finally, Frances bp 1623. Were there two Henrys producing children at this time over a 30 year span ie 1593 to 1623: it is very likely

We are on safer ground starting with the marriage of William Restall to Thomason Walkley (buried Mar 26 1648) in 1598 and their issue
1601 Oct 6 Isaac bp
1603 Nov 17 Sarah bp
but the next William issue is that of Mary in 1634 and again in 1637 with the bp of Margaret. A thirty year gap suggests another William but we have neither a William bp nor a marriage at this time.  Likewise there is no marriage of an Isaac for his issue that commence in 1632 with Richard, 1634 William, John 1639 and Giles in 1645. Isacc may well have been the s of William bp in 1601

Returning to the marriage of Walter Restall to Margaret Hancox in 1640, their issue were
1641 Jul 3 Mary bp
1642 Dec 14 John
1645 Dec 7 Abigail
? 1647 Mathias [no bp]
1650 Aug 3 Martha buried 1680
1652 Dec 18 John
1654 Feb 10 Isaac
1657 Dec 26 Joseph
1660 Aug 17 Edward
? 1662 Henry [no bp]
1665 Sep 16 William
?1667 Sarah [no bp] m John Cook/e 1689
Walter was buried in 1686 at the estimated age of 85. If the Margaret who died in 1703 was the widow of Walter then she must have been considerably younger than her husband. Unfortunately we do not have her baptism. Mathias’ will of 1707 names Edward, Henry, John, Isaac, William and Sarah as his brothers and sister. Brother Isaac’s will of 1716 names Edward, Henry and William. Henry’s will of 1724 names brother William. See also the Deed of 1679 naming Mathias as the second son of Walter and Margaret Restall nee Hancox.

In the Indenture that follows Mathias is named as the ‘second son’ and whilst we do not have his bp it must have been between 1643 and 1664.

N.B. Where the document is damaged missing words or parts of words are written in italic script when they can be safely presumed. Otherwise, missing words are indicated by . . . . . . .. Abbreviated words are given in full.

Mathias Restall’s Deed

This Indenture Made the Tenth Day of March in the One and Thirtyeth yeare of the reigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles the Second by the grace of God of England Scotland France and Ireland kinge Defender of the Fayth &c Anno Domini 1679 Betweene Walter Restall of the parishe of Bisley in the County of Gloucester Broadweaver and Margarett his wife of the one part and Mathias Restall of Bisley aforesayd in the sayd County of Gloucester Broadweaver second sonne of the sayd Walter Restall and Margarett his sayd wife of the other parte Witnesseth That whereas in the Terme of Easter now last past before his Majesty’s Justices of his Highness Courte of Common Pleas at Westminster in the County of Middlesex they the sayd Walter Restall and Margarett his sayd wife togeather with and amongst Divers other persons did Acknowledge and in due form of Lawe leavye prosecute and perfect unto the sayd Mathias Restall and to divers other persons Cognizees in the sayd Fine and to theire heyres or to the heyres of one of them One Fine Sur Cognizance de droit Come Ceo & with proclamations accordinge to the forme of statute in that case made and provided of All and Singuler the Mesuages lands tenements and hereditaments and of the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders thereof hereinafter mentioned amongst divers other Lands tenements and hereditaments in the sayd Fine alsoe comprised (That is to saye) of All That one close of Meadow called or knowne by the name of Wilkinge and of all and singuler the houseing and buildinge thereon builded or thereunto belonging (that is to saye) one mesuage or tenement with the appurtenances sometime in the tenure or occupation of one John Newell and alsoe of all those Two other cottages or tenements with the appurtenanc■es the one now or late in the tenure or occupation of one Thomas Hearth and the other now or late in the tenure of one Jane Blease or of her assignee or asssignes tenants or undertenants All which said Messuages cottages lands tenements hereditaments and premisses with the appurtenamces were given and bequeathed by John Hancox late of Hill House in the sayd parish of Bisley and County of Gloucester yeoman deceased in and by the last will and Testament in writeinge under his hand and Seale duly executed and published bearing the Date the Seaventh Day of October in the yeare of our Lord God One Thousand Sixe Hundred Sixty Foure unto the sayd Margarett Restall her heyres and assignes forever and alsoe of All That one other Close of Meadowe or pasture ground commonly called or knowne by the name of WoodCombes with A Litle plott or Lagger of Meadowe and pasture ground lyeing on the East syde thereof and adjoyninge to a A Certaine common there called Bournes Greene on the West syde thereof and alsoe of All Those Three acres of arrable land be they more or lesse lyeinge Dispersedly in A certaine common Feild of Bisley aforesayd called the East Feild one acre thereof shooteh on A certaine other Feild there called Battlescombe Feild one other acre adjoyneth to the Custome Wood there and lyeinge in A certaine place there called Rooke Woods Corner with a certain Heystall of wood conteyninge by estimation halfe an acre be it more or lesse lyeinge att the end thereof and the other shooteth on the King’s Highway beweene the Holloway there and A certaine Gate called Peere Gate and alsoe of All Those Two other parcells of arrable land and Woodground conteyninge by estimation Two acres be they more or less lyeinge in A certaine other Feild in Bisley aforesayd called the West Feild one whereof Lyeth on the West syde of the sayd Feild adjoyninge to the Custome Wood with an Heystall of Wood lyeinge on the one syde thereof and the other lyeinge neere the wayes syde leadeinge from Avenis to Bisley Church All which sayd premisses Mesuages Lands tenements and herditaments with theire appurtenances are sytuate lyeinge and being within the parishe of Bisley aforesayd in the sayd County of Gloucester and now are or late were in the tenure or occupation of him the sayd Walter Restall or of his assignes or Undertenants and alsoe of All and Singuler houses outhouses ediffices buildings barnes stables gardens orchards Courtes yards back sydes ......s waters watercourses hedges hedgerowes trees woods Underwoods and the ground and soyle therof Commons and common of pasture proffits comodities emoluments advantages and hereditaments ...... forever to the sayd mesuages Cottages & Severall peices and parcells of arrable land meadowe and pasture ground or any parte or parcell thereof belonginge or in any wise appertaininge or to or with the same or any parte or parcell thereof had held used occupyed possessed or enjoyed accepted reputed held taken or knowne to be part parcell or member thereof or as thereunto appendant appertenant or as thereunto belonginge and of reversion and reversions remainder and remainders thereof which sayd Fine amongst other divers other lands tenements and hereditaments did passe by the names numbers quantityes and qualities of acres contents and particulars hereinafter followinge (That is to saye) Two mesuages Five cottages Two Barnes Seaven gardens Fifty and Five acres of Land Five acres of Meadowe Forty acres of pasture Two acres of Wood and Common of pasture for all manner of Cattle with the appurtenances in Highfeild Tedbury Over Lyppyatt Strowd Stonehouse and Bisley in the County of Gloucester In and by which sayd Fine soe aforesayd leavyed att and before the end of the sayd terme of Easter last past the sayd Walter Restall and Margrett his wife (amongst divers other persons) Did Acknowledge the sayd tenements and commons of pasture aforesayd with the appurtenances (amongst diversother lands and tenements) to be the right of the sayd Mathias Restall or of one other of the Cognizees in the sayd Fine named and his heyres as those hee the sayd Mathias or the sayd other person had of the guift of the sayd Walter and Margrett and those they Did remise and quitt claymed from them the sayd Walter and Margrett and theire heyres to the aforesayd Mathias and the heyres of him the sayd Mathias forever And moreover the sayd Walter and Margarett in and by the sayd Fine Did graunte for themselves and the heyres of the sayd Walter and Margarett that would Warrant the tenements aforesayd and common of pasture with the appurtenances amongst divers other lands and tenements as aforesayd to the aforesayd Mathias Restall and his heyres against them the sayd Walter and Margarett and the heyres of them the sayd Walter and Margarett forever As in and by the sayd Fine amongst divers other lands and tenements now remayninge on record in his Majesties Courte of Common Pleas att Westminster relation thereunto beinge had more fully and att large it Doth amd may appere Now This Indenture Witnesseth That it is hereby covenanted graunted condescended concluded and agreed upon Testified Notifyed and Declared by and betweene all the sayd partyes to these presents for themselves and theire heyres in manner and forme followinge (that is to saye) And the sayd Walter Restall for himselfe and the sayd Margarett and for theire heyres and the sayd Margarett Doth hereby consent and agree That the sayd Fine soe as aforesaid leavyed As for touchinge and concerninge All and Singuler the sayd Mesuages lands tenements hereditaments and premisses with their & everye of theire rights members and appurtenances herein before mentioned to be given and bequeathed unto the sayd Margarett the wife of the sayd Walter Restall in and by the sayd Last Will and Testament of the sayd John Hancockes shall be and inure and shall be by these presents adjudged Deemed taken construed and expounded in the Lawe to be and to inure to and for the use and behoofe of them the sayd Walter Restall and Margarett his sayd wife and theire assignes for and during the terme of theire natural lives and lives of the longest liver of them and from and Imediately after the severall Deceases of them the sayd Walter Restall and Margarett his sayd wife then as for . . . . . .e and concerning all and singuler the sayd premisses herein before mentioned to . . . . . aforesayd to and for the use and behoofe of him the sayd Mathias Restall his heyres and assignes forever and to and for none other use intent or purpose whatsoever And as for touchinge . . . . . . .. . All and Singuler other the sayd premisses herein before mentoned and everye parte and parcell thereof with theire and everye of theire rights members and appurtenances To and for the only propper use and behoofe of him the sayd Mathias Restall his heyres and assignes forevermore and To and for none other use intent or purpose whatsover And the sayd Walter Restall for himselfe and for the sayd Margarett his wife Doth Covenant promise graunt and agree to and with the sayd Mathias Restall his heyres and assignes by these presents that the sayd Mesuages lands tenements hereditaments herein before mentioned with theire and everye of theire rights members and appurtenances and in and by the sayd Fine amongst divers other Lands Comprized as aforesaid now are and be and soe from tyme to tyme and att all tymes hereafter shall or Lawfully may continue remaine and be to and for the uses behoofes intents and purposes herein before mentioned Lymitted appoynted & Declared Free and Cleere and Freely and cleerly acquited exoneratted and Discharged or otherwise well and sufficiently Saved Defended kept harmles and Indempnified by them the sayd Walter Restall and Margarett his sayd wyfe of and from all and all manner of former and other bargaines Sales guifts grauntes Leases Dowers Joynctures the Joycture and the Dower of her the sayd Margarett estates Mortgages Debts Judgments executions Statutes Marchant and of the Staple recognizances Fines Fees amerciaments rents rent Charge rent Secke arrerages of rent and of and from all other tytles troubles Charges and incumbrances whatsoever had made done caused commmitted omitted or suffered to be had made or done by them the sayd Walter Restall and Margarett his wife or either of them theire heyres or assignes In Witness whereof the partyes first above named to these present Indentures interchangeably have sett theire hands and seals the Day and yeare first above written.

Walter Restall             Margarett Restall
          +                                         +
   his marke                       her marke
[Seal appended]
[Endorsed Mathias Restall’s Deed]
Sealed and delivered in the presence of us
Roger Batt Robt. Payton Ben Payton Geo. White

Transcription by P. Griffin, presented to G. R. O. by kind permission of the owner of the document, Mr R. B. Walker of King’s Stanley.

Matthias, broadweaver, was buried 1707 and left a will naming John the son of his brother John
Edward bp 1660
Henry no bp
Isaac bp 1654
William bp 1665
Walter son of his brother Henry
Mabel and Margaret daughters of his brother Henry
Sister Sarah who had married John Cook in 1689, but no record of Sarah’s baptism. Administration for this will was granted to brother Henry, broadweaver, in 1707. Margaret Hancox inherited considerable amounts of land and property from her father, John Hancox, of Hill House, yeoman in his will of 1664. But why the ‘second son’ Matthias? Had the first son John bp 1642 died prior to 1679; or was it because there was a second John bp 1652. It seems reasonable to assume that Matthias died without issue.

We have more information on the family from Isaac’s (bp 1654) will of 1716. Married Mary Cassil 1701. No apparent issue.
Brother Edward (bp 1660 d 1730) and his issue from marriage to Sarah Hartland (1668 -1700) in 1692
1693 Jul 20 John d 1768
1694 Mar 20 Joseph d 1766
1696 Mar 9 Isaac
1700 Apr 20 Martha m Wlliam Pain 1718

Brothers Henry, no bp, and William bp 1665
Sister Sarah Cooke = John Cook 1689

Henry Restall m Ann Young 1648 seems to have been another childless marriage as does that of Henrie Restall to Marie Clayfield in 1656 according to Hammond or 1666 per Walter Stanley Restall. The latter also has Richard Restall m Elizabeth Blanch in 1656, but once again no issue recorded at Bisley but several at St Lawrence, Stroud and no marriage there that fits. There is no bp at Bisley for the Richard Restall who m Uriam Collins in 1687, neither issue there but see bp at St Lawrence.

The m of John Restall to Sarah (Mary according to IGI) Binum in 1691 resulted in the bp of Abigail in 1692 and John in 1695. Walter Stanley Restall recorded a marriage in 1692, not present in Hammond’s extracts, of Richard Restall to Sarah P. Staine, but no issue at Bisley. See however, bps at this time in the neighbouring parish of St Lawrence.

Another Restall marriage in 1692 was that of Edward to Sarah Hartland. Their issue: John bp 1693, Joseph bp 1694, Isaac bp 1696 and Martha bp 1700.

In May 1699 Thomas Restall m Mary Howell of Stroud and their issue, recorded at St Lawrence:Thomas bp Nov 1699, William bp 1701 and Thomas bp 1703, no doubt to replace the first son of this name who d 1702. Wife Mary d 1704. There is a strange gap in marriage records at St

Lawrence for we have nothing between the years 1688 and 1732 but Thomas almost certainly remarried to protect his young family.

Isaac’s, yeoman, marriage in 1701 to Mary Cassil was obviously made late in life for he would have been 47. The son of Walter, bp 1654, left a will naming a number of siblings but no issue. See will for details.

In 1702 John m Sarah Webb of Stroud but there are no baptisms that we can connect to this marriage at Bisley. No Restall bps recorded in fact between 1701 and 1712 but there would have been several almost certainly during these years, including possible issue from the marriage of Giles to Mary Cox 1703.

No Bisley issue from the m of Richard to Margaret Denton in 1713 but a solitary bp at Stroud the following year.

John, clothier, the son of John bp 1691, married Abigail Haines in 1717 and died 1756, followed by his wife the following year. They had two daughters – Elizabeth bp 1721 who m Ansloe Hill by license in 1748 and Mary 1729. There may have been another daughter, Mary, bp 1719 who died that year. John’s will was proved in London which is an indication of wealth.

No issue found arising from the 1720 m of James to Susan Davis. Similarly from the m of Edward and Mary Whitacre in 1726.

We are more fortunate with the m of John ( bp 1693 ) to Mary Pacey (buried 1754) in 1726:
1727 September bp Mary. Mary buried Dec 1727 – no age given
1729 bp Mary. Mary buried age 5 months May 1729
1731 bp Mary
1733 bp Sarah
1734 bp Beata - see Matthias Baker’s will of 1794
1737 bp Martha
1740 bp John
1742 bp William - see will and separate entry.

The marriage in April 1748 of Isaac Restall to Hester Hunt produced the following issue
John bp November 1748
Issac bp July 1751 who died 1752 age 10 months

There are no recorded baptisms at Bisley or Stroud, from the marriage (L) of Joseph to Ann Wildy in 1751.

1. See Appendix IV in the original ‘The Restalls of Bisley’ document for Hammond’s transcriptions of All Saints, Bisley parish registers, parts of which were also extracted by Walter Stanley Restall; there are minor differences which we have noted. We also have an incomplete extract of the Bishops Transcript (BTs). Even so it must not be presumed this is a complete record of the three rites of passage as pre the requirements of Harwicke’s Act of 1754, which principally regulated marriage and required entries to be made in a printed book, and more significantly Rose’s Act of 1812 which demanded separate printed books be employed for baptismal entries as from 1 January 1813 the registers are, to use the words of Alan Swale ,’ defective until the early nineteenth century’. Where available we have used wills and administrations to supplement the building of family groups, not always with a consistency or an accuracy we would have liked.

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